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Saturday Learn to Curl “Drop-In” Fun Curling


"I have never curled before in my life. Where do I learn? Who will teach me?"

WE CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR YOU, with our new Saturday Learn to Curl "Drop-In" program.

Come join us at the Granite Curling Club at 12:00 PM for a chance to try it out or try it again!

Our VISION is to extend the love of curling to a community not currently serviced by our existing leagues.



  1. To make the game of curling accessible to the community and create a group of curlers who have previously not had the opportunity to be introduced to the sport.

  2. Curling can be fun for everyone at all skill levels, and we want to give the community an alternative to conventional league play. We believe these “new curlers” will then be more likely to participate in our bonspiels and existing leagues after receiving base-level instruction.

  3. To promote curling. We love it; everyone should.

  4. To provide support to our existing membership. We have curlers at every skill level, and some curlers may wish to improve their skills. This drop-in curling program would be an opportunity to support our membership with their personal growth in the sport.



12:00 pm is the suggested arrival time, stretching, change of clothes, shoes, etc.

         • Payment of $10 at the bar and/or at a table on the main floor

         • The program is free of charge for existing Granite Membership      

The volunteer led curling instruction will start at 12:30 pm. There will be 3 different skill levels:

  • Beginner: basic skills, throwing of the rock, sweeping etc.

  • Intermediate: draw weight, game skills

  • Experienced: for the people who play but want to hone their skill or try a new role


OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE ICE. Bring clean, rubber soled shoes such as runners or training shoes. Loose fitting pants and a light jacket or sweater are a good idea. 

PLEASE DON'T HIT THE HACKS WITH THE ROCKS because the ice holding the hacks in place will break.

Depending on the group size and experience we will form teams to play fun games! Don't worry if you came by yourself, with a friend, or with a team! For those that don't come as teams we will make up teams for the games. These will be 4-end fun games!

Please check the CLUB CALENDAR by clicking HERE to make sure the league is running on the Saturday you're looking for. The dates can also be found using the Curling I/O link HERE. Although this is a drop in league, you can pre-register on this Curling I/O link.


I had never curled before in my life. I had never set foot on the ice, never thrown a rock,
never even watched a live game.
That was, until I started working at The Granite Curling Club. 
Slowly, I started to understand the game a little at a time; I began to understand the order of shots,
the scoring and even the scoreboard. I still had never curled. 
I thought about joining a fun league
in my second season, but there were so many questions! How was I going to learn?
Who would teach me?
Which night could I curl on? (it’s good to point out that the service industry,
like many industries, is not a 9-5, Monday to Friday job) Would I be able to afford the $300 season up front?

          So many questions, and even I had few answers. Through my employ, I noticed other potential new curlers
approach me and the other staff with similar questions. How do I learn? Where do I start?
I still had no easy answers to give them. I
ended up learning to curl last season.
I was taught by the Senators, a lovely group of seniors who curl twice a week in the afternoon.
I loved it. I am so thankful to the generous group of people who taught me in such a laid-back atmosphere
and were more than willing to teach me with such experience. 
Now, I watch curling both live and on television.
I follow a lot of the curlers from our club and others. At home, my partner and I watch
the slams and spiels whenever we can.”      



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