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Important Changes for 2015-16 Season

I felt it was important to inform all members of some changes approved by the executive and board of the Granite Curling Club for the next season.

First a bit of good news: Treasurer Bill Robertson informed the board that we are on target to meet

or even beat our financial goals for the 2014-15 season. Getting the club back in the black was important for all of us who want the oldest curling club in Western Canada to be around for another 100 years. But our experience has taught us some lessons and we have decided we need to make some changes to ensure we continue on the path to a more secure future.

1. We are advancing to April 30 the date by which we must have at least one fully paidup

member from each team to secure a spot for the 2015-16 season. We have more interest

than ever from potential new members and leagues this season. We need to be able

to plan to make the best use of our ice for next season. Tell your friends. Make sure

they know they will not have a guaranteed spot if they don’t meet this deadline.

2. We are requiring all members to provide a credit card number we can keep on file. Yes,

we will make an exception if you can demonstrate that is impossible for some reason.

And no, we will not force you to use that card to pay charges for food and beverage service

or fees. Why do this? We are still chasing some members for fees this late in the season and

we have uncollected food and beverage charges on our books. This cannot be allowed

to continue. We will debit cards in the future if fees are not paid on time and if bar

and restaurant charges are not cleared. If you want to pay monthly charges by cheque,

as some do for business reasons for example, you may still do so but be sure to inform

manager Tom Cardinal of your preference.

3. We are increasing fees next year by the same modest $5 for each category that we increased

them last season. One exception is the seniors and masters group, who will not see an increase next season since we recognize many are on fixed incomes. Our costs are increasing and membership fees remain a principal source of revenue. We eliminated the mandatory food and beverage charge this season, you will recall. We believe these changes are reasonable and all

members can see the value in ensuring everyone pays their fair share to keep the club operating efficiently.

Anyone who wishes to contact me about these changes or anything else at the club is welcome to

do so at any time. My email address is

Scott Edmonds

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