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ORANGE LEVEL and curling at the Granite! 

The Granite has received information from the Province, through Sport Manitoba and CurlManitoba, that the provisions for sport and bar are remaining the same. Return to Play protocols already shared are still in effect and curling will begin as planned by each league.


Return to Play Protocols
Game Information


  • Rock sanitizing: each team will be responsible to sanitize their own rocks. Each player to throw the same rocks. Sanitizer in a spray bottle and cloths will be provided on each sheet. Used cloths to be put in laundry bag.

Length of Game:

  • All curling games will be 6 ends with a bell at 1 hour, 30 minutes.

  • All players need to be off the ice 2 hours after game start to allow for ice preparation.

Tie Games:

  • In event of a tie, skips rocks after 6 ends, no extra ends.


  • No hand-shakes, tap brooms instead.

  • Only touch your rocks, do not bring the other’s team rocks into play.

Game Play:

On Ice Refreshments:

  • Water dispensers will be removed from the ice. Curlers to bring their own water in a reusable water bottle.

  • On-ice phone will be disabled. Refreshments can be pre-ordered or ordered from a server or called into the bar from your personal phone.

  • Ensure trash is disposed of before leaving the ice surface.

Post Game:

  • To ease congestion for the next group of curlers, do not linger in the locker rooms or the main floor - everyone is still very welcome for food and beverage in the dining room, the Granite Room, viewing areas and even the 3rd floor.


  • Masks are mandatory on the main floor, in locker rooms & when moving throughout the club.

  • While wearing a mask is not mandatory while curling, the club encourages wearing one. Masks can be removed on ice once the game starts and physical distancing can be maintained.

  • Masks are not required when seated in the dining room, Granite room, 3rd floor or
    viewing areas.

  • Granite Staff will wear masks at all times.

  • Disposable masks are available to purchase for $1 each if you’ve forgotten your reusable mask at home.


Table Setup & Ordering

  • Locker room doors will remain propped open.

  • Tables and chairs will be set up to abide by the latest version of Manitoba Health Act orders. Tables will be separated by 2 metres in the dining room, 3rd floor and viewing areas and by partitions in the Granite room.

  • Members and guests must not move tables and chairs.

  • Members and guests must remain seated unless entering or leaving, playing pool, travelling to and from washrooms or briefly interacting with staff. No dancing.

  • Acquiring beverages at the bar is allowed. Floor decals will aid social distancing. Please go directly to your table and sit once beverage is received.



  • Everyone entering the Granite is required to read, agree to, sign and date the Declaration of Compliance – COVID-19 – curlers as well as Guests. PDF Version WORD Version

  • All curlers are required to read, agree to, sign and date a release of liability form. PDF Version WORD Version

  • Parents or Guardians must read, agree to, sign and date an assumption of risk form for curling participants under the age of majority. PDF Version WORD Version

  • To save time, please print and complete the necessary forms and bring to your first game.



  • E-transfer or a mailed cheque is strongly encouraged in order to pay membership dues.

  • Membership forms can be found on the Granite here  and once completed should be emailed to the Granite email address followed by an e-transfer; alternatively, mail the completed form with a cheque payable to the Granite.

  • Utilizing debit or card credit to pay for food and beverage purchases is strongly recommended. Please use the tap feature when possible and avoid using cash.


Shut Down Reimbursements

Should the Granite Club be shut down due to the pandemic outbreak the following reimbursement schedule will be followed:

  • If the cub is shut down during October or November - 2/3 refund will be processed

  • If the cub is shut shut down during December or January -1/3 refund will be processed

  • After January no refunds will be processed




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