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Welcome to "The Mother Club"

Founded in Winnipeg in 1880, the Granite Curling Club is "the traditional centre of excellence promoting the sport of curling in a positive friendly atmosphere for all ages and abilities". The Tudor-framed clubhouse, with it's arching rink to the rear, is the province's oldest curling institution and one of the oldest sporting groups in the province, and is now considered a Heritage Building by the City of Winnipeg.


Register now, if you haven’t already, for curling starting this fall! The ice is in and ready for rocks to be thrown, double take outs to be made and great fun to be had by all, safely!
Application forms can be found on the Granite Curling Club website at  


Return to Play Protocols:
  • Game play will return to pre-covid rules of play - this includes the ability to use two sweepers and for all curlers including opposing skips to sweep rocks in house

  • Sanitizer to sanitize the rocks will still be available and highly recommended

  • Score tiles will return to the score board although pencil and paper will still be provided

  • Physically distancing while on ice is still highly recommended

As per MB Health Guidelines:

  • Masks can be removed while engaged in play on the ice

  • All players including members and spares must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in curling at the Granite

MB Public Health Orders:

  • Vaccinations

    • As per MB Health Guidelines all patrons of the Granite must be fully vaccinated in order to enter the premises. Proof of vaccination will be required upon entry except in the following two scenarios:

      • Proof from the Government of Manitoba that there is a medical reason for not being vaccinated

      • Being under the age of 12 years of age

  • Masks

    • Must be worn by all patrons of the Granite except when actively curling or consuming food or drink. This means that when not seated at a table or curling masks must be worn.

  • Physically Distancing Is still highly recommended

Should any of the above Protocols and Health Orders not be followed that individual will be asked to leave the Granite.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Granite Curling Club