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Welcome to "The Mother Club"

Founded in Winnipeg in 1880, the Granite Curling Club is "the traditional centre of excellence promoting the sport of curling in a positive friendly atmosphere for all ages and abilities". The Tudor-framed clubhouse, with it's arching rink to the rear, is the province's oldest curling institution and one of the oldest sporting groups in the province, and is now considered a Heritage Building by the City of Winnipeg.


Dear Granite Curling Club Members,

The Granite Curling Club Board of Governors would like to provide an update to all its members on our hopes to restart our 2020-2021 curling season. Please be aware that the Granite Board and Executives has frequently met to discuss our next steps as a club based on Provincial Health official guidelines as they have been announced for the past 4 months in which we have been unable to continue our curling operations.

With that, although a return to curling does currently appear unlikely with the most recent set of restrictions that have been released by the government, the board has voted to set the end of March as a drop-dead date to restart our curling season, hoping to complete one additional round of games prior to melting our ice for the season in early May at the latest. Please note many factors have been taken into consideration to make this decision, all of which were not taken lightly. Also note, in both cases, either returning or not, refunds will be made available based on our original refund guidelines provided in October.

At this time, I would like all members to think of the financial impact this pandemic has had on the Granite. Our club relies heavily on its member’s fees and restaurant and bar sales to keep our curling club financially successful, and we are currently anticipating a large operating loss for the fiscal year. The board is looking into the possibility of offering 2021 charitable tax receipts for those members willing to contribute their members fee refunds to the club. These contributions would be vital in keeping the Granite Curling Club financially stable.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding through these trying times, we truly appreciate all the support we’ve received.


Stay safe,
Granite Curling Club Board of Governors